Tips For First Wedding Nights For Virgins

Wedding night must be complicated for virgins. From the engagement they start thinking what will happen on wedding night, this creates nervousness. Here are some sex tips for first wedding nights especially for virgins. These tips may helpful to enjoy the wedding night

Communication before wedding night

It is very important to communicate before wedding night. Discus your expectations and fears about wedding night. You don’t know how to start conversation so attend some marriage councillor. It is pretty better taking your spouse with you. You can also share some articles about wedding night with your spouse. Man can play vital role here. He must start speaking about nervousness of wedding night. It will also let you know the expectations of your partner about wedding night. After knowing the expectations you can enjoy the wedding night as it is life time memorable event.

Communication during Sex

Many couples make mistake during sex that they don’t communicate. Tell your partner that what you like or what you don’t like. If you like one touch more than other than tell your spouse so that you both can enjoy the night and it will also affect your wedding life. Don’t be dumb and deaf during sex tell your partner what you like, it can be told by moaning on our favourite touch. Man should ask her wife such questions, can I touch? Can I try? These type of questions make his wife comfortable. The most important thing is that tell your partner what you don’t like because if he or she remain doing the action which you don’t like it will ruin the pleasure of night.

Comfort her Bleeding and Painful

Many virgin ladies bleed during first intercourse and it is also painful. It is the duty of man to comfort her during this crucial time and make her feel good. This pain and bleeding doesn’t remain too long but at that time it is so much painful that it can also lose the pleasure of sex for female. Foreplay is the best solution to this. Foreplay will comfort the female and she will be ready for intercourse. You also need some lubricant to have a smooth intercourse. Select a branded lubricant.


What will happen if He fails to Maintain Erection?

If man is nervous about wedding night, it is usual that he will not maintain the erection. If wife reacts on it, he will become more nervous and the wedding night will turn into some dark phase of life. Fore play is the solution of it doesn’t just think about intercourse; just enjoy the kissing and fragrance of each other. it will relax the mind and man will maintain the erection.

Be Gentle with One Another

Remember this is not the final night of your marriage life; don’t concentrate on pleasure concentrate on comforting each other. If you both fail to make an intercourse it is not a big issue, remember you are not here to win the physical pleasure, you have to win your partner’s love and trust

Don’t be Shy

You are married now; it is obvious that you have to entertain yourself and your partner by doing sex. Don’t be shy too much that your partner feel uncomfortable. Start your night with confidence and enjoy the sex with confidence.