How Does A Muslim Marriage?

Muslim marriage: for whom?

– A man and a woman Muslim.

– A Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman, a Christian or Jewish. But children should be brought up to respect the traditions of Islam.

– A non-Muslim man who wants to marry a Muslim woman should convert to Islam.

– Widows and / or divorced can remarry according to Muslim tradition.

– At a first marriage, the woman must obtain the consent of her guardian (wali) necessarily Muslim.

The formalities of Muslim marriage

A month before the big day, the certificate of civil marriage must be submitted to the imam, the Cadi or celebrating the marriage ; any other Muslim.

At least two witnesses must be present when consent. Usually the father or brother of the bride

An express celebration

Please note, rites vary by country but generally found the same steps.

The henna ceremony

This ritual is usually held on the eve of D-Day The future bride leaves a woman applying her hands and feet henna, symbol of fertility and marital happiness. It is also supposed to ward off the evil eye. This tradition is accompanied by singing and dancing. This ritual can also be performed on the husband.

The wedding day

The ceremony takes place in the parents of the bride, in a room reserved for the occasion or to the mosque.

It often begins with a khutbah (Speaking in Arabic devoted to Allah) and reading a few verses from the Koran.

Then he will receive in the presence of witnesses, both married to exchange their consent. He therefore asked the guardian of the bride whether it adequately present the young woman in marriage to this young man. And the same question directly to the future husband.

Once collected consents, the officiant did some invocations for the benefit of newlyweds and leu puts their marriage certificate.

The festivities can begin and continue.

 Did you know?
  • A dowry (mahr), the amount still to discretion, be paid by the husband or his family to his fiancee. She can enjoy freely.
  • According to tradition, men and women are separated and are located in different rooms at the ceremony.
  • According to the Qur’an, the man Muslim has the right to have several wives (up to four as the Prophet), provided it is able to ensure the same standard of living in each of them.
  •   The bride may change up to 7 times dress at wedding celebrations.