How To Attract Beautiful Women

Everywhere you look, there are beautiful women – in cafes, parks, shops, in the street – you name it.

You and every other average Joe see these beautiful women and you think “Man, if I had a girlfriend like that I would be one hell of a happy guy!”It may come as a surprise to know that there are many beautiful women out there looking for a nice man just like you.
What’s more, all these women have needs just like you – they all want sex just as much as you do. Its not just you that lies awake at night dreaming of what you could be doing with these beautiful women. They are all doing just the same, dreaming of a guy to come along and fulfill their fantasies.
Many of these women aren’t happy in their relationships or are single, and all of them are wondering why there aren’t any nice men out there for them. Of course there are lots of nice men out
there for them, because you are one of them! This of course leads to the question “How do I attract a beautiful woman?” The answer is simpler than you think, and can be summed up in these simple tips.
How To Attract Beautiful Women Tip Number 1: Learn how to flirt with women.
Okay, so you can get a girl – big deal. Just head down to your local watering hole on a Saturday night and buy the drunk girl dancing own her own a drink. But how do you get a beautiful girl? Well, the answer is simple – Learn how to flirt.
The trick to successful flirting is all about body language. Stop focusing on your own faults and start focusing on her body. Paying attention to the signs. Know when move closer, know when to move back.
You don’t want to seem too eager, yet at the same time you don’t her to think that you aren’t interested. When she wants to kiss you, be a little cheeky and tease her. Women love it just as much as men when they hook a great guy, so make her think that you’re worth as much as she is.
When you finally do kiss her, don’t be afraid to move closer to her, but be careful – you don’t want to appear sleazy, so watch where your hands go. Knowing how to do all this takes time and practice, so be put off if it doesn’t work first time. With practice you will be able to read a beautiful girl like a book, and if you play it right you will have her eating out of the palm of your hand and a lot, lot more…
How To Att ract Beautiful Women Tip Number 2: Know how to market yourself
It’s all about you – You need to know how to market yourself when you are approaching women in a bar or club. Women go for much more than just looks and you need to be the thing you are looking for. Only a desperate woman is going to out with a bum, so make sure you don’t look like one. Women love dating successful men who they can brag about to their friends, so make you that person.
If you have lots of friends then make sure when you are in a club that you can be seen to be a big part of the group. If you run your own business, make sure you drop it into the conversation subtly – asking a woman “so what do you do?” is a great way keep conversation going and she’s bound to ask you the same. Your business might just be a one man band setup that you are just starting, but its music to her ears and she will lap it up and dont try and impress her.
Also, make your social circle as wide as possible. This will it all allow you to meet more good looking girls – and the more girls you can get liking you, the more  competition there will be to get you. Women are just as competitive as men, if not more, and they all drop their loyalties to each other when there’s a desirable man around.
No matter your age keep these tips in mind when you are talking to beautiful women, and with practice the girl in your dreams will be the girl in your bed.
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