How to attract Asian women

When it comes to attracting Asian women, many western men are left completely baffled. Asian women can be very different to western women, especially in terms of humor, culture and social habits;

however, with time, patience and perseverance you too can attract an Asian woman. So how do you do it?
Firstly and most importantly avoid stereotypes at all costs. You might find it humorous to ask the Vietnamese girl in the bar if she has eaten dog meat before, but to her it’s insulting – living in a western cultured she will be well aware of the negative social connotations of what you are asking.
Asian women are fully aware of the fact that many western men merely view Asian women as sexual objects, and you should do all you can to avoid be tarred with the same brush. First impressions count and you probably won’t get a second chance, so make sure any Asian women you meet see you as a genuine interested person, not just a slobbering sex addict with a fetish for Asian women.
So you smartened up your act a little, what next? Well the next thing to do is to go hang out in places where Asian women hang out. Laugh if you want to, but one of the best places to find Asian women is in an Asian restaurant.
By Asian restaurant I don’t mean the big franchise restaurants, but the smaller restaurants that locals eat in. These places are much more likely to serve food tailored to Asian tastes, and these are the places that Asian women can be found dining.
Also, make a point of shopping as often as you can at your local Asian food store. This is where Asian women will be doing their shopping and it’s a much less threatening environment than a bar or club – where there is an assumption that talking to somebody means you are interested in them.
A good trick if you see an Asian woman in a store is to pick up a couple of strange looking products (preferably with lots of Chinese writing on them) and stand there looking confused. More often than not she will come over to give you assistance, and the humor of the situation is a great way to break the ice.
Another good idea is to attend local dance and cultural events around town. These events often have a great atmosphere where you can talk to Asian women, and you will be welcomed happily as long as you behave correctly.
Finally, make sure you can differentiate between different nationalities. Although it can be difficult at first, your will soon begin to notice the subtle differences between nationalities. Asian women can get quite insulted if you mistake them for a different nationality. Also, never ask an Asian lady what her nationality is – she wants to be seen as an individual, not just labeled as ‘the Thai girl from the supermarket’.
If she does mention her nationality in the course of conversation, you should be able to engage in the conversation by telling her something about what you know about her culture. This will show her that you respect her and the country she is from; but make sure above all else that you avoid using stereotypes! Remarking “ahh, yes I saw a TV about geisha’s last week”, is only going to end badly, so don’t do it! Something along the lines of ‘I always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in spring’ is much more complimentary and will earn you much more affection.
Above all make sure you do your homework, approaching women, Asian women can be very different and a huge learning curb when you first start out. Keep working at it and eventually you will find the perfect Asian women, just for you!

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