Engagement Ring Selection: Tips for Guys

As the old saying goes: the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is especially true of the courtship ritual. Because while modern technology has the power to transform the landscape of dating and relationships (e. g., the Internet, texting, etc., etc.) the basic principals still hold true today. It all boils down to this: one person searching for another with which to share his or her life. And since marriage has always represented the pinnacle of the human pair bond, it is this mountaintop most single folk wish to reach.

Traditionally speaking, those guys who have found whom they believe to be the right lady must kickoff proceedings with the ring. Indeed, everything lives or dies by this small circular object. And no engagement ring is complete with a diamond sitting atop it. Of course, knowing just how to select the right engagement ring is where most guys struggle. The good news is that the process isn’t a particularly scientific one, and doesn’t need to be a headache at all.
Know the ring size
Even more important than the size of the diamond is whether or not the ring will actually fit on the bride-to-be’s finger. The best bet for any guy to know for sure is to employ semi-covert tactics and borrow one of her other rings while she’s away. Then take this ring to the jeweler and use it as an example.
Consider the «shimmer factor»
How a ring shines and shimmers has quite a bit to do with the band. Jewelers are aware of this, which is why there are typically five metals on offer regarding the band. These metals all produce a rich sheen and include gold, rose gold, white gold, silver and platinum. Some metals, such as gold, have a higher shimmer factor than others, but they won’t last as long as, say, platinum. The trick is finding a healthy balance in the shininess-to-durability ratio.
Diamond selection
Certainly one of the more crucial steps to proper engagement ring selection is the diamond choice. But this doesn’t need to be intimidating either, as long as guys keep the 4 Cs in mind –  carat, cut, color, clarity. The carat of the diamond merely refers to its size — the higher the carat, the more the poor schlub can expect to shell out. The cut refers to the sparkle factor. However, a diamond doesn’t have to be big to shine bright; decent stonecutters can form angles that allow for prime shimmer on any-sized diamond. Color runs the gamut from light yellow to colorless and should be selected based on the lady’s personal tastes.  And all clarity refers to is the amount of imperfections inherent in the stone.
By keeping the above guidelines in mind, guys who are thinking of popping the question should have every tool they need to make the correct engagement ring purchase. Above all else, it is crucial to choose a ring that compliments her personality, as it shows the guy knows his potential life partner inside and out.