How To Attract Women

To be more successful with women, you first need to learn how to attract women .

When you learn how to attract women you will never be short of a date nor will you ever suffer from approach anxiety. When you learn how to attract women you will be at a level with women 99% of guys don’t even know exists.
Have you ever been walking down the street or been in a bar and noticed an average or below average looking guy with beautiful girls around him? Did you ever take a step back and ask yourself the question how? Or did you use an excuse like he must be loaded or he must be the owner of the bar, may be instead you should find out what it is that attracts women to men.

It is a fact that not many guys have ever taken the time to learn how to attract women, they have spent more time researching pickup lines on the internet or reading some eBook to find a quick fix method to their women problems than they have on finding out what it is that attracts women to men.
It is very important to note here that there is a massive difference between being attractive and being able to create attraction. Though the words sound very similar they have very different meanings. So often I will hear a guy say well I am not attractive so there is no way I could create attraction with a woman. When you learn how to attract women you will learn it has nothing to do with being attractive.
Most guys I speak to consider themselves just an average kind of guy. They believe that there is nothing special about them but there is also nothing wrong with them at the same time. They are just an average normal run of the mill kind of guy. If you are one of these guys, then experience tells me you do not understand how to attract women .
Even though I don’t know you, I would say that there have been many times in your life when you have seen a stunning girl walk past you and you have thought to yourself “If I knew how to attract a girl like that into my life, my life would be complete”

If you consider yourself just the average kind of guy you may even think you have nothing to offer a beautiful woman, so you will never even approach her, when all the while beautiful women are complaining they can’t meet any decent guys. A girl no matter how beautiful, is looking for a good man that she can share her life with, to be able to go out and have fun with a guy that makes her feel special.
That’s right beautiful girls are always looking for guys, the guy who calls himself average just does not realize this. All you need to do to be the guy that beautiful women are looking for is, learn how to attract women not seduce them or learn long and complicated techniques.
Now anybody can get a girlfriend but having the ability to attract women is a completely different skill set. You can go out any night of the week and get yourself a girlfriend, but being able to walk up to a beautiful women and have her begging you to take her number is something most guys will never experience. That’s the difference between attraction and seduction.
When most guys approach a beautiful women they try and seduce her or use their great pickup line and get shot down very quickly, instead they should have taken the time to understand how powerful it can be when you can create attraction.

I have been doing this for many years now and I believe that having the ability to create attraction when you are talking to a woman is the one key element that will make you very successful or unsuccessful approaching and dating women. Most guys go for a quick fix when they want to improve their dating lives, when this doesn’t work as no quick fix ever does they become jaded and think “there must be something wrong with me” or “I will never be good with women”
So many guys will never know the secrets of attraction, they will keep trying to seduce women, they will even say things like “I am going to walk up to that girl and seduce her”
If you are one of these guys STOP IT! A woman will never want to sleep with you or date you unless she is attracted to you. If she feels no attraction to you nothing will ever happen between you two, no amount of begging, pleading or buying her expensive gifts will ever change her mind.
Ask yourself “What is it that women find attractive in guys” if you can’t answer this question, or don’t understand what attraction is every phone number you get from a women will either be wrong or her way of getting rid of you. In other words if she was not attracted to you so you may as well throw the number away as you will never see her again.

When you approach a woman you need to be able to tell if what you are doing is attracting her or repelling her. Is she making excuses to hang around a little longer with you? What’s her body language telling you? Is she flirting with you? Is she trying to get away from you? You need to be able to gauge the attraction level before you go for a phone number. In short if you haven’t built a level of attraction with her why would she want to see you again? If she does give you her number was it the correct number? If not then you built zero attraction with her.
When a girl gives you her number I want it to be because you created attraction with her, now she can’t wait to see you again because you are a fun, confident, intelligent, mysterious guy who was fun to be around.
These days it seems that so many guys are out to get girls phone numbers rather than spend some time creating attraction. Then when they go to call the girl they wonder why she won’t answer or why the number was wrong.
If currently your main objective is to get more girls phone numbers and have them answer when you call there is no better time to learn how to attract women .
Men envy guys who have the ability to be able to attract women , but it seems very few of them are willing to do anything about it, I guess that sometimes it is much easier to sit back and complain rather than actually learn the skill so you can have the same success. Have a think about how many guys you know that have very little success with women do you think they are trying to seduce or attract women ?
If you never learn how to attract women or think it is all too hard that’s ok, because the guys who do know how to attract women will let you have the girls they are not interested in.
Over thousands of years of conditioning women have been programmed to respond to certain behaviors in men. Over the years I have found three main qualities in guys that make them attractive to women, before I get to those I want to stress something I said to you earlier.

Attraction has nothing to do with looks, it has everything to do with how you handle yourself in front of women and what emotions you can make her feel. Men and women see beauty in a very different way, men are very visual when it comes to being attracted to a woman, women are very emotional, they are attracted to a guy because of the way he makes her feel.
So again attraction/attractive similar words very different meaning in the context of dating and approaching women, so what are the three main behaviors women look for in men?
How To Attract Women: Behavior 1:
A man who is a protector is very attractive to women.
The attractive man is a cool guy to be with, he is fun and doesn’t stress about small things. When he is with a woman she feels safe being in his company, if they are out at a social engagement and somebody starts to hassle her she knows that he will be able to look after her.
A guy who is considered attractive by women would never just watch somebody he really cares for being mistreated or put in a position where they don’t feel safe. When you can show a girl she will always be safe in your company she will be very attracted to you.

Now, there is a big difference between a thug and a guy who is attractive to women. A thug will just go out and look for a fight, if another guy talking to his girlfriend the thug will want to fight that guy, this comes from being a very insecure person and will never create attraction in women.
The easiest way to communicate to her that you are a protector is through storytelling, tell her about the time you had to step in and help a female friend, don’t try and big note yourself just explain to her a female friend was getting a hard time from a guy and because nobody messes with your friends you stepped in.
How To Attract Women: Behavior 2:
A man who leads is attractive to women.
There are two kinds of guys in the world you are either a leader or your a follower. Guys who is a follower will wonder why they can’t keep an attractive woman and they are always led by the leaders. When it comes to women if you can demonstrate you are a guy who leads, she will find this very attractive.
It is very rare these days to meet a leader. A leader never wonders about what he should do next, he never wonders what he and his date should do, he already knows.

When it comes to women most guys are very indecisive when it is time to make a decision, most guys will:
Never make a decision about where they should go for date, or pick a restaurant or movie. They will ask her what she wants.  Guys that do this are attention seekers, they are trying to show the girl that they are a nice guy and will do whatever she wants them to do.  After a week or so when she stops calling they don’t know why.
The guy who is a leader never tries to get her approval, but always ends up getting it.A big turn on for women is a guy who is a leader it creates a massive amount of attraction.
Even the most powerful women want a man who is decisive when it comes to making decisions. A guy who leads never has a problem attracting women, in fact women find this guy unbelievably attractive, and a guy who just follows is unbelievably un attractive
When you are speaking to a woman she does not want to be asked where she wants to eat or where she wants to go, the next time you are speaking to a women tell her this is where the two of you are going. When you learn to be a leader instead of being a follower you will start attracting more and more women into your life.
How To Attract Women: Behavior 3:
Guys who are attractive don’t live in scarcity of women.
When you come from the mindset that there are 1000’s of available women and you are not going to just settle for a woman, you have the third characteristic of the guy women are attracted to.
When you can demonstrate to women no matter how beautiful she is that you wont put up with bad behavior, silly games or drama she will very quickly realize you are not like the other 99% of guys she knows , in other words she will very quickly become attracted to you.
The normal guy who has not learn to attract women will put up with all kinds of bad behavior from women. When she becomes bored with this and she will become bored of being able to walk all over you she will move on to a stronger guy.
It is no secret women will test guys, this fact has been around for many years, in order to be able to create attraction with her you have to pass these tests. If you are a guy who doesn’t come from a scarcity mindset of women you will have the ability to be able to say to her when she tries one of these test, that you don’t put up with bad behavior.
The key element here if you want to create attraction with her is you need to follow through with what you say. If she does something and you explain to her that you are not the kind of guy who puts up with this behavior then a week later she does the same thing again, you have to be willing to end the relationship no matter how beautiful she is. This is where most guys fall apart, they will call her for bad behavior, then she will do it again and they will do nothing.

There are two kinds of guys, those who have taken the time to learn how to attract women and those who have no idea what attraction is, when you are out, it is not that hard to spot the different groups. If you want to learn how to attract women, you have come to the right place.
If you are serious about increasing your success with women and want to learn how to attract women our individualized coaching programmes will ensure your success.
When you learn how to attract a women you will become a different guy. Your success with women will sky rocket and you will start to see things from a different point of view. Often after our coaching session our clients will wonder why it took him so long to learn this skill.

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