How to Approach Women Without Hesitation

Sometimes when trying to get a date with a woman it is usually best if you accept defeat and just move on. After all it would be better not to dwell on the matter for long as you may become obsessed with the person in question.

When you approach a woman try and do it with a bright yet open mind. Do not limit yourself. Accept the fact that she might reject you but chances are higher that she might like you. Try and read her before you approach her. Read her body language so as to know if she is approachable or not. Match your actions to hers and make sure you do not read the situation in the wrong way.
Next, remember the adage that practice makes perfect. In this way no matter how many times you are rejected keep on encouraging yourself that eventually you will get it right. Moreover, have friends who are there to support you. Do not do it alone as the fear of rejection may be too much. The thing with friends ids hat they will always make things light and the fear or embarrassment of rejection will quickly wash away. Also when rejected analyze your previous actions? Did you move too fast or come on to strongly? Were you in any way hesitant? Try and point out these flaws in your technique and rectify them. Once again, friends will help you to accomplish this successfully. After doing so approach a new woman and use you new technique.
The next thing to remember is that when you approach any lady, try and keep the conversation light especially if it is a lady that you are meeting for the first time. As a man try entertaining her. I am sure you have had that any woman loves a man with a good sense of humor. Try not to sound rude as the woman may retort back. Keep it simple and the conversation will flow easily. Pay her a compliment or two subtly within the conversation. Avoid making it obvious that you are simply flattering her. Be sincere when mentioning such compliments. With time the woman may actually get attracted to you
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