Avoiding an Awkward First Kiss

You have just spent the last couple hours with a beautiful woman in which you shared stories of your childhoods and batted questions back and forth like a tennis tournament. It went off without a hitch—even better than you expected! Now you are driving her home, pulling into her driveway, locking the emergency brake…and you have no clue about what to do next. To kiss or not to kiss?

That final moment of the date can be unbelievable awkward. Even if everything leading up to it were perfect, the last two minutes can make or break the whole experience in her mind. First off, you do not want to seem too eager for the kiss, lest she think you are too pushy or desperate. On the other hand, aloofness can also turn her off if she thinks you don’t like her after all.

Decide the better setting: should you stay in your car or walk her to her door? While your car will afford more privacy, it isn’t nearly romantic or chivalrous as being escorted on one’s door. Shut off the engine and get out.

Start by studying her demeanor. Is she lingering, talking about what fun she had, how you should do it again sometime? Gushing over or recapping (going over funny moments from earlier) the date is a pretty good sign that she is into you. If she were not, she would probably rush through this part to get you on your way as soon as possible or just hop out of the car with a passing “buh-bye” over her shoulder. But if you sense hesitation, it’s likely because she is somewhat shy and you will be the one to make a move.
The best way to ease into a situation is to take her hand, thank her for the great time, then kiss the back of her hand gently. Corny? Maybe. Nevertheless, this move is ingenious. If the girl is not into you, you’ll sense it immediately. Yet it won’t be an awkward confrontation in which she pulls away and gasps, “Eek, get away!” You can just stop at the hand-kissing with no hard feelings.

However, if after your gentlemanly act, she beams and blushes and continues to linger with her hand in yours, she is clearly into it. At this point, you may either stop while you’re ahead or take it to the next step by leaning in for a kiss. While still holding her hand in one of yours, put your other hand at the back of her head, drawing her closer. This will also help you to guide her the right way, avoiding the embarrassing nose-bump or accidental tongue-to-nostril contact. Keep your hand there even after you have kissed, which will make her feel enveloped by you.
Finally, if you have not been kneed in the groin at this point, you can officially consider your first date a raging success!

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